Landscape, Night Shooting High Above!

Spectators at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark admiring the Singapore city skyline at night

It’s no often you get to be on top of the world. At 56-57 storeys tall, the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Skypark might just be one of the highest (if not the most) observation decks in Singapore. It could possibly be eclipsed by the Singapore Flyer, but I’ve been on the ferris wheel before, and I don’t think the view matches the one here.

Up there, you’re living the high life. You can see almost everything, from the skyline, the Esplanade, Fullerton Hotel and the Singapore port. Of course, the now famous rooftop swimming pool for hotel guests is also a draw. Who wouldn’t want to swim on the edge of the world?

Hotel guests swimming on the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, with the city skyline in the background

To prepare for this photo excursion at night, I had brought a few different lenses with a good range from ultra-wide to long, giving me the ability to shoot different thing. Naturally, I had also brought a tripod (a cheap, light one for easy carrying) otherwise those long-exposure shots would look rather ordinary. MBS doesn’t normally allow tripods on their Skypark, but they made an exception for our tour this time.

What I didn’t really count on was the considerable gusts that would rock my light tripod, thus shaking the camera. Thankfully my tripod allows me to hang my bag as an additional weight to make it more stable. I can’t imagine anything I would do differently if I went up again. Maybe try some tricks with flash, but I wouldn’t be keen on it unless I came up with a concept first. Fast lenses are very important, so make sure to bring something with at least f2.8, even if you have a tripod!

In all, I really enjoyed this complimentary trip up the Skypark (thanks to Phish Comms), especially during this “i Light” festival at Marina Bay!

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