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are you a freelancer or run your own company? Photographers, artists, and creatives get this question all the time.

Is There any Difference Being a Freelancer and Owning Your Own Company?

    "Are you a freelancer or do you have your own company?" I get this question so, so many times that I can't ignore it anymore. We, as professional photographers (or creatives) meet so many different clients in our work. Some are not as well-versed into the life of a self-employed person. Perfectly understandable. Here I hope to enlighten both…

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green lantern cosplay using body paint and not actual costume. Merged with Photoshop special effects

How I Merged Body Paint and Photoshop Trickery to do Green Lantern Cosplay

When I started out in photography, it was in the realm of photojournalism. I enjoyed the raw, authentic nature of emotions on show, and it allowed the introvert in me to document as an observer. It brought me to become a photojournalist with The Straits Times for three years. If there was any kind of 'artist' in me, it was…

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Star Wars Brings a Galaxy of Difference Together

Star Wars fans, despite being crazily passionate and vehemently opposed to Trekkies (Star Trek fans), are all about community. We carry so many stories – different experiences of how this saga has shaped our lives, perspectives, and values. Essentially, we are as different as human beings can get, but it is this bond – The Force, if you will –…

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