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professional architectural interior photo advertisement

Getting an Architectural Cover Shot for The Straits Times

Plain architectural photos can really bore me. The mass of concrete, glass, wood look stunning and beautifully designed. But it is devoid of that warm human touch. What is a home if it is merely a house without a living soul? I felt it was brilliant that The Straits Times arranged for sweet Sophia and her dog Cookie to pose…

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Book cover of 99 Rules for Dads by Shan Wee, photography by Ted Chen

99 Challenges: Photographing a DJ and Baby for Book Cover

Shooting a book cover always fills me with great pride, and not just because it is the first thing buyers see. I've loved reading every since I could pick up a book. Back then the Internet didn't exist, so none of that e-book, digital-edition spew we've been seeing lately. For myself, there is a certain joy in pulling out a book…

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are you a freelancer or run your own company? Photographers, artists, and creatives get this question all the time.

Is There any Difference Being a Freelancer and Owning Your Own Company?

    "Are you a freelancer or do you have your own company?" I get this question so, so many times that I can't ignore it anymore. We, as professional photographers (or creatives) meet so many different clients in our work. Some are not as well-versed into the life of a self-employed person. Perfectly understandable. Here I hope to enlighten both…

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