SGXY project by Singaporean photographer Ted Chen. Styled and shot like a fashion ad, these local props and everyday items make Singaporean culture sexy.

The saying is true: one person can’t do it all.

I’m a firm believer that wonderful things can be created if the right people, tools, and vision come together. If you love what you’ve seen so far and want to have beautiful images of your own, let’s work together. Taking the first step is hard, I’ve been there myself. But nothing good will come if nothing is started (and finished).

E-mail me at, or give me a ring at +65 8782-5300. I’m establishing a network of like-minded creatives – people with different talents and specialisations but with the same goal of creating something magical. Some details we’d need to hash out are:

1) Concept

2) Timeline

3) Logistics and photo usage

Looking forward to a new start!

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