Ted Chen - photographer, artist, writer from SingaporePicture this for a second: that unforgettable image you saw on your way to work, or those framed photos at home of your loved ones. Fast forward 10 years and you’ll still remember those photos. Who was the photographer?

What if those photos didn’t exist? The magic of that moment would’ve been lost forever, and whatever emotions that gripped your heart as you looked at it… they’d be gone as well.

As a photographer and artist, I look for ways to create that unforgettable feeling – the kind that makes you stop as you scroll through thousands of technically well-taken photos on social media.

And it hasn’t been easy. Without art-school background, and a mind built on numbers and rationale, it has been a rough journey. Pushing on to 7 years as a professional photographer now, I am also constantly pushing that creative muscle. 

In 2016, I released a fully self-funded personal project – titled SGXY – fusing everyday fashion with seemingly mundane items, with subtle advertising that Singapore culture can be sexy. While by no means did it go ‘viral’ or lead to big-money projects, I am immensely proud of going through the artistic process that culminated a very unique portrait series. 

SGXY project by Singaporean photographer Ted Chen. Styled and shot like a fashion ad, these local props and everyday items make Singaporean culture sexy.

I’d like to invite any one to share on this artistic journey with me, by signing up on mailing list below. On occasion I share latest creative works, and personal projects that I’m proud to put my name to. Some projects you could even be a part of. 



 If you’re excited to explore new and challenging imagery for your projects, please reach out via:

E-mail: ted@tedchenphoto.com

Phone: +65 8782-5300

At the very least, we will get to understand a little more about each other.



Beyond the Photographer

In every project, I do my best to offer value beyond the image. Some of which include, but not limited to, are:

  • Writing/Scripting. Before photography, I put my heart into literature and also hold a degree in Creative Writing. Am more than happy to weave some flavourful words to accompany a photo series, if needed.
  • Digital Compositing. Constantly learning to become an expert-level wielder of Photoshop, I look forward to tackling digital imaging and manipulation challenges.
  • Social Media Blasts. The more word gets out, the better. Be it part of a large campaign or a short company statement, I will use my social media channels to spread the message.  
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