Always Hire a Specialist Photographer, not a Generalist

Look around us. 

Technology is becoming ever more accessible and affordable. High-resolution cameras, drone photography, and “blurred backgrounds” are all commonplace now. With that phone in your hand, you could take a technically decent photo that is “good enough” for most people. 

But you aren’t most people. If a specific vision is to be realised, only a specialist can do the best job. Why is that?

10,000 Hours

Specialists dedicate their time to a focused craft or genre, and common sense would indicate that they would be better skilled than a generalist. For example a portrait photographer who has learnt how to make a subject feel relaxed and also how best to light a human face, would be well placed to shoot a fashion campaign than someone who shoots landscapes, food, events, and by the way, portraits.

But don’t just take my word for it. Well-known author Malcolm Gladwell has mentioned the 10,000 hours guideline, whereby that would be the amount of time someone would need to invest in his/her craft to be an expert. 

The Best Work is Often the Most Complex

If I point my camera phone at a building or a person, snap, and there is a simple, unsophisticated photo. A slice of my life, but otherwise visually unappealing. 

But if I wanted a portrait with glamour lighting on the beach, with waves crashing behind me clearly visible and incredibly dramatic, could a generalist photographer pull it off? Maybe. 

However there is little time for trial and error when production budgets are on the clock. In situations like these, a specialist portrait photographer is all that you really need. A specialist portrait photographer would know immediately where to play the lights and how to angle the camera to get the most stunning waves.

Specialist Photographers have Greater Passion

Jack of all trade or master of one? Google started with being master of search, and now they’re in all sorts of fields (e-mail, social media, productivity). KFC began with their secret original recipe, and now they have modern flavours, burgers, and desserts. 

As a portrait photographer myself, I try to focus my work into what I’m most passionate about. Because if I become a generalist, I wouldn’t be caring as much for different genres apart from portraits. When you hire a specialised photographer, you know you’re getting all their heart, sweat and tears into your project. They want to succeed as much as you do, as it gives them great pride to see their work attached to your product or service. 

If your project involves people, and you’d like them to feel and look confident, glamorous, or even heroic, that’s the kind of photography I am passionate about. Together we can create some incredible portraits.