The Best Place for Family Photos in Singapore

In the small island-state of Singapore, land is scarce and our scenery is highly urban. We don’t have mountain ranges (not even a single mountain), nor do we have a clear blue horizon when we look out into the sea. What we do have are plenty of high-rise buildings of mostly modern architecture. 

The Band Stand at Singapore Botanic Gardens

That’s great when you are conveying trends, culture, and “hippiness.” 

But when photographing families, I’m looking for symbolisms of purity, nature, and life. There aren’t sprawling national parks in Singapore, unlike many other countries. The closest one we have is the Botanical Gardens, recently awarded as a UNESCO heritage site. Even before this international acclaim, I was already a big fan of the Botanical Gardens despite it being somewhat far away to where I live. 

The biggest reason I like the Botanic Gardens is their large open fields, a rarity in other parks around the country. If you take a look at the much newer Gardens by the Bay, there is so much concrete and intervention that you don’t even feel like you’re walking in a park. At Botanic Gardens it feels and looks different from metropolitan Singapore. In family photos, that means you don’t see a building sticking out over the canopy. 

The Botanic Gardens also has lots of unique features not found in other places. There’s the Band Stand, a white gazebo surrounded by trees with yellow flowers. At the Orchid Garden (paid entry) you’ll be mesmerised with the amazing colours on show. Then towards the north end, you can walk right up to the Eco Lake to snap some beautiful family portraits. If you’re lucky, some ducks will even walk up to you for a sweet photobomb!

I’ve done multiple outdoor family photos, and many chose Botanic Gardens outright as their favourite place, even before I offered any location suggestions. And for those whom I did suggest, many would pick Botanic Gardens without hesitation. It goes to show how well loved this national park is. I used to think it was a very elitist place, where tourists, expats, and the affluent who lived nearby would go to, but I realise the Gardens hold many community events at Palm Valley, while activity and exercise groups often meet in the park on the weekends. 

Even after all the photoshoots at Botanic Gardens, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of spots or unique looks. It truly is a remarkable place and there always is a new hidden corner to discover. If you love going there just as much and would like some beautiful family portraits to look back at 10 years from now, please feel free to contact me.